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Type: HD
Genre: Science Fiction
Info Hash: 400C11E7524EA79D6C05C7DA5B6ED86318038C03
Language: Russian
Description: A Russian drone operator uses a nuclear powered drone to lure alien object to the orbit, immobilizes them and captute them. But when that object came close to earth, the drome operator loses contact with the commanding officer and have to decide whats real and whats not.
Category: Movies
Size: 235.8 MB
Added: June 2, 2023, 4:24 a.m.
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Multiple Quality Available: M.Q.A
IMDB tt7230422
IMDB Title The Occupant
IMDB Genre Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi,
IMDB Runtime 1:39:00 Hours
IMDB Rating 0
Director Hugo Keijzer
IMDB cast Ella Balinska, Stuart Graham, Armin Karima
IMDB plot When Abby, a guilt-ridden engineering geologist in transit from her remote assignment survives a mysterious helicopter crash, she must try to escape the harsh environment. But she is not alone.

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